NFL Best ball ADP and Research Sheets

With the 2022 NFL season coming up fast, the season long waters are nice and warm and it's time to start participating in some contests! One of the most popular season long formats available in recent years is called “Best Ball”. In NFL Best Ball formats, there is no in season management and your best players are automatically placed into your starting squad. The popularity of this format comes from those players that may not have the time to manage a waiver wire and starts and sits in season but still love the process of drafting.

Some basics to drafting a competitive NFL Best Ball team:

  1. Aim for upside! The name of the game is finishing with the best score, and in best ball that means taking shots on players that have huge ceilings. Granted, there is risk in identifying these types of players. Make sure you have a strong mix of high consistent production with league winning upside in the later rounds. You'll want to take shots on variant positions like WR when all else fails.
  2. Stacking is encouraged! One way to unlock upside is through correlation. Individual players may have high production alone, but if you can stack them together you'll catch multiple strong performances instead of just one. In sum, Look to stack teams that have a high offensive projection for the upcoming year.
  3. Be Bold! Most people who will draft around you are going largely off of ADPs. Meanwhile, you can add upside and diversity by deviating based on other research. That said, make sure you have some conviction plays mixed in with the picks you make off of the consensus.

Although there is no perfect way to draft in best ball, there are a lot of proven concepts to help you play efficiently. Utilizing things like stacking and avoiding common bye weeks will help you have consistently high equity in your teams. Likewise, making sure you are accepting of risk and variance is vital. In conclusion, Best ball is a blast! If you have questions on how to approach the format, reach out in the community discord! Let's have a great season.

2022 NFL Bestball ranks and ADPs


  • Position Rank: The consensus rank for a player based on ADP at their specific position
  • MFL10: A format of season long drafts through with a $10 entry
  • RTSPORTS: A format of season long drafts through
  • Underdog: Likely the most popular provider of Best Ball season long drafts,