It's been a couple weeks since the team win totals were dropped on major sportsbooks. Meanwhile, the betting markets have been pushing lines up and down based on statistics and hubris. Staying up to date with team win totals will help you in any season long activities that you plan to take part in. That said, make sure to use this table to make better decision on stacking and player evaluation in Best ball! Likewise, if a team looks like a significant value in the season long markets, go get some action down and start the sweat early.

General uses for win totals:

  1. The most obvious use is to make decisions and bets in the season long betting markets at sites like the Draftkings Sportsbook and other retail books.
  2. Meanwhile for fantasy football, you'll need to know win totals to make macro decisions on player and team evaluation.
  3. Lastly, as a fan, you'll want to know win totals so you can go complain about them on Twitter

2022 NFL Bestball ranks and ADPs


  • Win Total: The projected win total for the team. To clarify, a half point implies typically implies the under.
  • 2021 Wins: The team's wins from the 2021 season for reference.
  • DIFF: The difference in the projected win total and the teams actual wins from the 2021 season.
  • Over Odds: The odds of a team going over the projected win total based on the sportsbook.
  • Under Odds: The odds of a team going under the projected win total based on the sportsbook.