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Dshell’s Main Event 10.23.2021

Top 5 Fights For DFS:

  • Vettori vs. Costa
  • Park vs. Rodrigues
  • Trinaldo vs. Grant
  • Herbert vs. Worthy
  • Negumereanu vs. Villanueva 

Zviad Lavishvili (Grappler) vs. Jonathan Martinez (Striker)

Big change in opponents for Martinez. He is going from fighting a striker to a heavy grappler. I still really like Martinez. I think he can be a low owned option for your lineups.

Projected Ownership:

Lavishvili: 23%

Martinez: 24%

Livinha Souza (Well Rounded) vs. Randa Markos (Grappler)

Markos has lost 4 straight. She needs a win in this one vs a lower level fighter than her normal opponents. Look for her to pull off the upset victory.

Projected Ownership:

Souza: 11%

Markos: 8%

Jeff Molina (Grappler) vs. Daniel Lacerda (Well Rounded)

Lacerda is going to look to get this to the ground very quickly. Molina has been very bad at defending the takedown. Lacerda has also never made it to the third round, so that’s something to pay attention to.

Projected Ownership:

Molina: 36%

Lacerda: 21%

Jai Herbert (Striker) vs. Khama Worthy (Striker)

This fight should be one of the best ones of the night. Both of these men should be striking the whole fight and there should be no takedowns involved. I give the edge to Herbert, but wouldn’t be surprised to see either of these men go down.

Projected Ownership:

Herbert: 24%

Worthy: 23%

Laureano Staropoli (Striker) vs. Jamie Pickett (Striker)

Another fight I could see being a fun one. Both of these guys have the KO power to knock each other out. I give the edge to Staropoli, but both of these men are on losing streaks and wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the loser get cut.

Projected Ownership:

Staropoli: 8%

Pickett: 11%

Tabathia Ricci (Grappler) vs. Maria Oliveira (Striker)

Ricci should dominate this fight. Oliveira struggles big time on the ground and that’s where Ricci strives. Look for a finish in this one. 

Projected Ownership:

Ricci: 19%

Oliveira: 6%

Mason Jones (Striker) vs. David Onama (Striker)

Tough spot here for Onama. Jones is the motivated fighter here looking to grab his first win in the UFC. He should be able to get this done.

Projected Ownership:

Jones: 38%

Onama: 13%

Jun Yong Park (Striker) vs. Gregory Rodrigues (Grappler)

Tough fight here for Park. He has faced two fighters with no ground game and now he gets a black belt in BJJ. I like Rodrigues to take this one.

Projected Ownership:

Park: 16%

Rodrigues: 24%

Nick Negumereanu (Striker) vs Ike Villanueva (Striker)

I am not very high on Nick at all. I trust the veteran to show off his power and get a KO win.

Projected Ownership:

Negumereanu: 32%

Villanueva: 9%

Dwight Grant (Striker) vs Francisco Trinaldo (Striker)

Should be a very fun one here. Grant loves to get into wars and Trinaldo has never been knocked out. Should be interesting to see how it plays out. Trinaldo is also 100 years old….

Projected Ownership:

Grant: 24%

Trinaldo: 11%

Alex Caceres (Striker) vs Seung Woo Choi (Striker)

Choi is a very interesting fighter and I think he can be very good. He needs to work on his ground game and that’s where Caceres could win this fight. Choi SHOULD win, but don’t be surprised if we see a crazy submission win for Caceres.

Projected Ownership:

Caceres: 16%

Choi: 24%

Jessica-Rose Clark (Striker/Grappler)vs Joselyne Edwards (Striker)

Edwards has the clear edge on the feet, but she is very easy to get to the ground and that’s exactly what Clark will look to do. Look for her to win a decision.

Projected Ownership:

Clark: 16%

Edwards: 21%

Grant Dawson (Wrestler) vs Rick Glenn (Striker/Grappler)

Ummm this line should be much closer than it is. I think this will be a really close fight. Glenn needs to be able to deal with Dawsons pressure. If he can do this, we could be looking at a huge upset.

Projected Ownership:

Dawson: 38%

Glenn: 16%

Marvin Vettori (Well Rounded) vs. Paulo Costa (Striker)

Fun main event here! I am super excited to see how this one plays out. I think it’s comical with the whole Costa weight situation. That man just needs to stay at 205. With that being said, I love Vettori, especially for DFS. The man is a workhorse and I love having a workhorse in my lineup. It usually ends up good for your scores. Costa could be the one person that is able to knock out Vettori though.

Projected Ownership:

Vettori: 52%

Costa: 33%


Vettori -190

Rose-Clark -165

Villanueva +185

Rodrigues -125

Ricci -265

Lacerda +135

Markos +105

Martinez +100

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