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Dshell’s Main Event 10.30.2021

My Top 5 Fights For DFS

  • Makhachev vs. Hooker
  • Yan vs. Sandhagen
  • Petroski vs. Yaozong
  • Blachowicz vs. Teixeira
  • Chimaev vs. Li

Tagir Ulanbekov (Grappler) vs Allan Nascimento (Grappler)

Should be a pretty one sided fight to start the night. Allan isn't the strongest or fastest Flyweight around. He does have some pretty good grappling and that’s what Tagir excels in. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Tagir should be able to control from the top and rack up the control time.

Projected Ownership:

Ulanbekov: 9%

Nascimento: 5%

Yaozong Hu (Striker) vs Andre Petroski (Wrestler)

Petroski should handle this one easily. Hu isn’t very good and really hasn’t faced anyone yet. Petroski didn’t look great in TUF and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an upset either here or in the near future for him.

Projected Ownership:

Hu: 7%

Petroski: 28%

Makwan Amirkhani (Striker/Wrestler) vs Lerone Murphy (Striker)

I haven’t really seen the improvement that I want to see out of Amirkhani that I wanted to. He looks pretty much the same as his first UFC fight. Lerone has improved in his fights and faced some very tough guys. I think he can handle Amirkhani.

Amirkhani: 18%

Murphy: 13%

Michał Oleksiejczuk (Striker) vs Shamil Gamzatov (Striker)

Not a fan of Shamil at all. I don’t think he is very good at all and he barely won his last fight and didn’t look good at all doing it. We could be looking at our first dog winning of the night. 

Projected Ownership:

Oleksiejczuk: 20%

Gamzatov: 8%

Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos (Striker) vs Benoit Saint-Denis (Grappler)

This will be an interesting one. Zaleski should be able to handle this fight, but if he comes into this and doesn’t take Benoit seriously, then he may be on the ground for a long time. I think Zaleski can handle him though.

Projected Ownership:

Zaleski: 12%

Saint-Denis: 21%

Albert Duraev (Grappler) vs Roman Kopylov (Striker)

Albert is a monster wrestler and an absolutely dreadful striker. Albert should look to push the pace early and bother Roman with his wrestling pressure. Roman doesn’t really have any finishing power and that hurts his chances big time in this one.

Projected Ownership:

Duraev: 21%

Kopylov: 9%

Zubaira Tukhugov (Striker) vs Ricardo Ramos (Grappler)

You should be this one goes to the judges. If you can bet that it’ll be a split decision, then do it. This will be a very close fight that I could see either of these guys winning it. I give the edge to Tukhugov, but wouldn’t be surprised with Ramos winning this one.

Projected Ownership:

Tukhugov: 20%

Ramos: 18%

Amanda Ribas (Striker/Grappler) vs Virna Jandiroba (Grappler)

I think Virna is the better grappler in this one and I think if she can get this to the ground, she can win this one via decision. Ribas is the better striker and she will look to keep Virna standing and bring her into a striking war. Give me crazy eyes!

Projected Ownership:

Ribas: 22%

Jandiroba: 20%

Magomed Ankalaev (Well Rounded) vs Volkan Oezdemir (Striker)

Ankalaev needs to try to wrestle or grapple him to try to wear out Volkan. Volkan is a really good fighter who wants to keep this standing and look to finish it in a hurry. His biggest problem is his gas tank. He wears out quickly and it usually costs him in his fights.

Projected Ownership:

Ankalaev: 31%

Oezdemir: 10%

Jingliang Li (Striker/Grappler) vs Khamzat Chimaev (Grappler)

I hate hate hate Chimaev with a passion. That’s why I am going to pick on him in this fight. We don’t know how Chimaev will look after coming back from struggling with COVID. We know what Li will look like. He will hit hard and try to KO you. 

Projected Ownership:

Li: 14%

Chimaev: 44%

Alexander Volkov (Striker) vs Marcin Tybura (Striker/Grappler)

Volkov is that gatekeeper that no one gets through. It doesn’t change in this one. Look for Volkov to be the better striker and get a late KO.

Projected Ownership:

Volkov: 18%

Tybura: 25%

Islam Makhachev (Sambo) vs Daniel Hooker (Striker)

Sooo Makhachev should be able to control this fight easily against Hooker, especially with Hooker coming into this fight on short notice. I actually think Hooker has a small chance in this one. I don’t know what it is, but I give him a chance as a +450 dog.

Projected Ownership:

Makhachev: 30%

Hooker: 16%

Petr Yan (Striker) vs Cory Sandhagen (Striker)

This fight fucks. It is so awesome. Should be a much better fight than Yan vs. Sterling. Both of these guys are awesome strikers and it will be interesting to see who will be the better striker. I like the range of Cory and I think he can pull the upset in this one.

Projected Ownership:

Yan: 47%

Sandhagen: 36%

Jan Blachowicz (Striker) vs Glover Teixeira (Striker)

And here we are. Two old men fighting for a belt! I love both of these guys and wish I could see them both win. Glover has had a late resurgence in his career and it’s been so much fun to watch. Jan is in the same boat, just being a little younger. I really like Jan here. Glover is going to try hard to get Jan down and Jan will get him with a knee or an uppercut to KO him.

Blachowicz: 39%

Teixeira: 37%


Jan -290

Sandhagen +170

Volkov -300

Li +450 (small)

Jandiroba: +135

Oleksiejczuk +100

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