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Dshell’s Main Event 3.12.2022

Tafon Nchukwi (Striker) vs Azamat Murzakanov (Striker)

This is a fun one to start off the night. Two guys who are both solid strikers and one who is undefeated! The only problem I have with Azamat is that he doesn’t stay active. He has fought once in 3 years. I think Azamat gets this done on the ground and gets a finish.

Guido Cannetti (Striker) vs Kris Moutinho (Striker)

Punching bag vs old man…. This ought to be a fun one. I think Kris gets this done in an ugly way and Guido doesn’t see the Octagon again.

Cody Brundage (Wrestler) vs Dalcha Lungiambula (Striker/Wrestler)

Neither of these guys are too great. Dalcha tries to murder people with each punch, but is so wild. That will lead to Cody getting this fight to the ground and he’ll grind out a decision.

Sabina Mazo (Striker) vs Miranda Maverick (Well Rounded)

This one is pretty easy to predict. Mazo can’t do anything on the ground and that’s exactly where Maverick is going to take this one.

Damon Jackson (Grappler) vs Kamuela Kirk (Striker/Grappler)

Many people are on Jackson here. His line has shifted this week. It surprises me because Kirk is the better striker and grappler. Close one to call, but I like Kirk to win.

Trevin Jones (Striker/Wrestler) vs Javid Basharat (Striker/Wrestler)

Two solid fighters who can fight wherever this fight can go. I really like this to be a finish, but I’m having a tough time deciding who. Jones will probably go to striking and Javid will likely try to wrestle him here.

JJ Aldrich (Striker) vs Gillian Robertson (Grappler)

The guarantee here is that this fight goes to the judges. Aldrich has a 85% takedown defense in her last 8 UFC fights. She keeps this standing and picks apart Gillian.

 Matthew Semelsberger (Striker) vs AJ Fletcher (Striker/Grappler)

Semelsberger should feel really good about this fight if he can keep Fletcher from getting this to the ground. Fletcher is a smaller dude compared to Semelsberger, so I think he can keep this one standing.

Bruno Silva (Stiker) vs Alex Pereira (Striker) 

Very excited to see this fight. This is a tough test for Alex… Bruno is a very good fighter with serious KO potential. I don’t know if I really trust Alex is a legit UFC fight yet with grappling and everything else going on. I am going with the dog here.

Drew Dober (Striker) vs Terrance McKinney (Striker/Grappler)

One of the fights that is most anticipated for here. Terrance stock has skyrocketed in the UFC. Now he gets a real killer in Dober. I need to see Terrance past the first and second round to start believing. Give me Dober.

Khalil Rountree (Striker) vs Karl Roberson (Striker)

Why does this fight feel like it has happened 14 times? These guys are both iffy and it’s hard to trust either of them to win. I’ll give it to Khalil, but I wouldn't be surprised if Karl wins.

Alex Caceres (Striker) vs Sodiq Yusuff (Striker)

I really like Alex, but he should be outclassed here. Yusuff is too fast and too strong for Alex. Alex may try to get a crazy submission or something, but that’s the only way he wins.

Marlon Moraes (Striker) vs Yadong Song (Striker)

What happened to Marlon. Looked like a killer at 135 and now has just fallen off majorly. I think he is such an offensive danger, but he just has no cardio or chin and it ruins him every fight. With that being said, Song is winning this fight.

 Thiago Santos (Striker/Grappler) vs Magomed Ankalaev (Well Rounded)

These two fighters are going different directions. Santos has been extra cautious since his knee injury and that plays well for Magomed. Magomed will hunt him down and figure out how to hurt him. I see this either being a decision win or a KO in the mid rounds.


Yusuff -275

Roundtree +110

Dober -165

Silva +160

Aldrich +105

Kirk -105

Moutinho -150

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