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Dshell’s Main Event 3.5.22

Dustin Jacoby (Striker) vs Michał Oleksiejczuk (Striker)

I really like Jacoby in this fight. He is such a solid kickboxer and is going to keep Oleksiejczuk at a distance the whole time. The only way for Oleksiejczuk to win is to try to get through a lot of damage to get this close and I don’t see it happening.

Devonte Smith (Striker) vs Ľudovít Klein (Striker)

Both of these men are strikers and both have huge power. Klein is going to try to make this nasty strike to thrive here. Devonte just needs to work behind his jab and he should be able to win it here.

Tim Elliott (Striker) vs Tagir Ulanbekov (Grappler)

This feels like it could go either way. Tagir is going to try to get this on the ground where Tim is going to do some weird shit to try to get it back to its feet. Tim is going to try something really stupid and it’s gonna cost him.

Umar Nurmagomedov (Striker/Grappler) vs Brian Kelleher (Striker/Grappler)

Poor Brian. I really like him, but these are the exact type of fighters that Brian struggles with. You can never count him out, but I got Umar by late sub or decision victory.

Maryna Moroz (Striker) vs Mariya Agapova (Striker)

Agapova is clearly the better fighter in this fight. With that being said, she is a hot mess when fights go crazy and I think that’s what Maryna will bring in this one. Give me the dog!

Nick Negumereanu (Striker) vs Kennedy Nzechukwu (Striker)

Who knows what the fuck is going to happen here. It’ll be ugly and either end in a KO or decision. Enjoy the shit show.

Marina Rodriguez (Striker) vs Xiaonan Yan (Striker)

This is actually a pretty good fight. I think Marina takes it being she is the more technical striker. Yan is a solid striker also, but Marina has the power advantage and I’ll give her the victory.

Jalin Turner (Striker) vs Jamie Mullarkey (Striker/Wrestler)

The difference in this one is the size. Jalin has a huge size advantage and Jamie is going to have a tough time getting in close to get anything done. Jalin by decision.

Sergey Spivak (Striker) vs Greg Hardy (Striker)

Why is this on the main card of a PPV. This fight is aids. I guess Hardy by KO if he keeps it standing and Spivak by sub if he gets it to the ground. LOL.

Kevin Holland (Striker) vs Alex Oliveira (Striker/Grappler)

Holland really needs to win this one if he wants to get back in the mix. I think he does it and we see Kevin in the top 10 of the division. Also, Oliviera is pretty washed.

Edson Barboza (Striker) vs Bryce Mitchell (Grappler)

Interesting one here…. Bryce is facing his toughest test by far. He has not faced someone as talented as Edson on the feet. Will he be able to pressure and get through all the kickboxing? I don’t think he does. Give me Edson.

Rafael dos Anjos (Well Rounded) vs Renato Moicano (Striker/Grappler)

Really nice of Moicano to step in on short notice. With that being said, he doesn’t beat RDA with a full 12 week camp. RDA does what he needs to do and wins it.

Colby Covington (Striker/Wrestler) vs Jorge Masvidal (Well Rounded)

I’m really not interested in this fight at all…. This whole card really. This is going to be domination by Colby. Like Dana says, If Usman wasn’t around, Colby would be champ. Not much else to say. Jorge can try some crazy knee, but I’m sure Colby has been training for this for months. Enjoy the fights!


Colby -310

Dos Anjos -175

Barboza +135

Turner -155

Moroz +155

Klein +125

Jacoby -190

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