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Dshell’s MMA Main Event 1.14.2023

MMA is a sport based on opportunity and split second decision making. The breakdowns that we try to focus on here will be looking at stylistic differences between fighters and how they will impact the card. Although the breakdowns won't usually be long, they'll have info on fighter strengths and weaknesses and how we expect them to be exploited. Towards the end of the article there will be the five best bets on the slate for you to tail!

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Jimmy Flick (Wrestler) vs Charles Johnson (Striker)

I had to do a double take at this line. There should never be a time when Charles is that big of a favorite. Flick is not bad at all in the wrestling game and I wouldn’t be surprised if Flick pulled off an upset here.

Dan Argueta (Grappler) vs Nick Aguirre (Grappler)

If Aguirre had a full camp, I might look at an upset here. I don’t see it happening with the short camp.

Allan Nascimento (Grappler) vs Carlos Hernandez (Striker)

Carlos is a wild fighter who will always want the pace to be pushed. The problem with that versus Allan is that he is going to end up in a bad position. Give me Allan.

Nascimento -360

Mateus Mendonça (Striker) vs Javid Basharat (Striker/Grappler)

This is going to be a fun one. Mateus is an interesting prospect and I don’t know how he’ll do against someone at this level. Will be fun to see.

Mateusz Rębecki (Grappler) vs Nick Fiore (Grappler)

Another big favorite here. Mateusz will be able to control this fight pretty easily. It’ll be interesting to see if Nick can pull a miracle sub off.

Abdul Razak Alhassan (Striker) vs Claudio Ribeiro (Striker)

Fun fight here. Both men will throw bombs and get exhausted. We love to see it. Give me Alhassan.

Alhassan -115

Umar Nurmagomedov (Striker/Grappler) vs Raoni Barcelos (Striker/Grappler)

Poor Raoni………

Ketlen Vieira (Striker/Grappler) vs Raquel Pennington (Striker)

This is going to be a close fight and will most likely be a split decision. I just don’t know what lady is going to win. Good luck if you’re choosing one.

Punahele Soriano (Striker) vs Roman Kopylov (Striker)

This fight is SUPER close. Soriano has more power and is more athletic, but Roman is the more technical fighter. It depends what route you want to take here. I’ll take the explosiveness of Soriano.

Soriano -165

Dan Ige (Grappler) vs Damon Jackson (Grappler)

Feels like this would be really cool if Damon won. He is an older fighter who is making a run. The problem is he has to fight Dan, who is more fun. Give me the more fun fighter.

Ige -130

Nassourdine Imavov (Striker) vs Sean Strickland (Striker/Grappler)

Fun fight here! I think the biggest question that everyone will have is will Imavov be able to fight for 5 rounds. He may have against Kelvin because he is a slower paced fighter, but Sean is a bit different. I think Sean’s size is a big problem for Imavov. Give me Sean.

Strickland +115

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