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Dshell’s MMA Main Event 10.1.2022

MMA is a sport based on opportunity and split second decision making. The breakdowns that we try to focus on here will be looking at stylistic differences between fighters and how they will impact the card. Although the breakdowns won't usually be long, they'll have info on fighter strengths and weaknesses and how we expect them to be exploited. Towards the end of the article there will be the five best bets on the slate for you to tail!

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Randy Costa (Striker) vs Guido Cannetti (Striker)

Fun one to start the night. Both of these gentlemen throw a lot of power and always seem to lose mid fight. I like Costa, but I could see this one going either way.

Julija Stoliarenko (Grappler) vs Chelsea Chandler (Grappler)

I think this one isn’t as close as the line shows. Chelsea is going to be surprised coming into the UFC with the talent here. Julija isn’t anything special, but she can lock up an armbar.

Stoliarenko -120

Maxim Grishin (Striker) vs Luiz Philipe Lins (Grappler)

This will be a very slowed paced fight. I think Grishin probably gets the dub, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Lins can outstrike him and pull off a dub.

Brendan Allen (Well Rounded) vs Krzysztof Jotko (Striker/Grappler)

Should be a fun one here! I think the only way that Jotko wins this one is if he can grapple Allen the whole time and get a decision win. Allen should be able to keep him off of him. I think Allen pulls this one off.

Allen +105

Joaquim Silva (Striker/Grappler) vs Jesse Ronson (Striker)

This one should be a KO here. Now we just gotta figure out by who. Silva is the small favorite and I do like him, but he gets rocked and he loses. Ronson would be the one who does that to Silva. I am going to sit back and enjoy this one.

Alexey Oleinik (Grappler) vs Ilir Latifi (Striker/Grappler) 

This has to be the last fight for Oleinik, no? Man is 45 going on 60 and still getting wins. I think this is the one that sends him into retirement. I think Latifi lands a big left and sleeps Oleinik. I hate to say it because he always pulls out the win somehow.

Latifi – 180

Mike Davis (Striker) vs Viecheslav Borshchev (Striker)

This is a banger of a banger of a fight. I think the difference in this fight is Davis and his leg kicks. I think that will be the difference in this one. Expect a high level boxing match. 

Davis -180

John Castaneda (Striker) vs Daniel Santos (Striker)

I think a lot of people will be on Castaneda here and rightfully so. He is the more technical striker and is favored for a reason. Santos will go to war though and I think he can pull this one off. Give me the dog!

Santos +150

Sodiq Yusuff (Striker) vs Don Shainis (Striker)

Wish this was Sodiq vs. Giga. Now we have a huge favorite who is going to stomp Don.

Raoni Barcelos (Striker/Grappler) vs Trevin Jones (Striker/Wrestler)

Horrible matchup for Trevin here. Raoni does everything Trevin does but better. I don’t see Trevin winning this one.

Barcelos -250

Randy Brown (Striker) vs Francisco Trinaldo (Striker)

Another dude who is 40 going on 65. How is Trinaldo still fighting? Who knows. I’d love to pick him, but Brown is winning this one. 

Mackenzie Dern (Grappler) vs Xiaonan Yan (Striker)

What a main! Sike… Dern needs to get this fight to the ground. Simple as that. If she doesn’t, she is going to have a huge problem with Yan’s striking.

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