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Dshell’s MMA Main Event 10.2.2021

My Top 5 Fights For DFS:

  • Price vs. Oliveira
  • Santos vs. Walker
  • Jotko vs. Cirkunov
  • Smith vs. Mullarkey
  • Holland vs. Daukaus

Alejando Perez (Striker) vs. Johnny Eduardo (Striker)

I’m hoping this is a slow fight for these guys who are both coming off long lay offs and Eduardo being 41 years old. I don’t have much confidence in either of these guys, but I would give Perez the advantage.

Projected Ownership:

Perez: 19%

Eduardo: 14%

DFS Thoughts: Won’t have many shares of this fight in DFS, but I will have a few with Perez. I think he has a chance at a submission victory in this one. I have a history of getting burned on the first fight though.

Stephen Egger (Wrestler) vs. Shanna Young (Grappler)

I think there is a pretty clear edge for Egger in this one. She is a Judo Black Belt and Young has a history of struggling on the mat with her opponents.

Projected Ownership:

Egger: 19%

Young: 8%

DFS Thoughts: One of my under the radar plays this week. I think Egger can be one of the highest scorers of the week.

Douglas Silva De Andrade (Striker) vs. Gaetano Pirrello (Striker)

Andrade should win this one. He is the better striker and the better all around fighter here. Pirrello is horrible on the ground and I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrade even goes to the ground in this one.

Projected Ownership:

Andrade: 19%

Pirrello: 10%

DFS Thoughts: Would be smart to have Andrade in a lineup in this one, but I think I may pass over this fight.He hasn’t finished a fighter since 2016. 

Devonte Smith (Striker) vs. Jamie Mullarkey (Striker/Wrestler)

This fight is awesome! Both of these guys are going to throw and will be up to whoever's chin holds up better. I think this one is a true coin flip fight and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Projected Ownership:

Smith: 37%

Mullarkey: 28%

DFS Thoughts: I will be using some Mullarkey solely based on ownership projections and some salary relief. 

Karol Rosa (Striker) vs. Bethe Correia (Striker)

Yeah, there is no way Correia wins this one. No more words are needed.

Projected Ownership:

Rosa: 42%

Correia: 4%

DFS Thoughts: I mean, I would say it would be smart to fade her, but I actually don’t know if that’s the smart thing.

Casey O’Neil (Striker/Grappler) vs. Antonina Shevchenko (Striker)

O’Neil should know exactly what to do in this one. She needs to take her down. Shevchenko's last 3 losses have all been bad losses when they get to the ground. I think O’Neil does this easily and wins this one.

Projected Ownership:

O’Neil: 37%

Shevchenko: 16%

DFS Thoughts: Tough fade for DK for O’Neil. She can end up with a ton of control time. I will be fading both of these ladies though. Gooood fights left.

Joe Solecki (Grappler) vs. Jared Gordon (Striker/Grappler)

Very tough matchup for Gordon who loves to take his opponents down and beat them for 15 minutes. Solecki will not be letting that happen. I would love to see how it plays out on the feet since it won’t be going to the mat for Gordon.

Projected Ownership:

Solecki: 37%

Gordon: 21%

DFS Thoughts: This is another fight that I may just fade. I hate the ownership numbers on these guys. Much rather have one of the last 4 fights.

Alexander Hernandez (Striker) vs. Mike Breeden (Striker)

Nice, another huge favorite that will be hard to fade because he will destroy Breeden.

Projected Ownership:

Hernandez: 41%

Breeden: 12%

DFS Thoughts: I have a harder time fading this fight than Rosa fight. Hernandez should sleep him quite early.

Krzystof Jotko (Striker/Grappler) vs. Misha Cirkunov (Grappler)

This one is a tough one. Misha should win this one, but his chin is just absolutely horrible. Jotko isn't really the most powerful striker though. So I think it may favor Misha, but don’t be surprised if Jotko gets a KO in this one.

Projected Ownership:

Jotko: 16%

Cirkunov: 33%

DFS Thoughts: Will for sure have a few lineups with Jotko after seeing the projections. He has a solid chance to get a KO with Misha having a horrible chin.

Niko Price (Striker) vs. Alex Oliveira (Striker/Grappler)

Think this line should be a bit more lopsided than it actually is. I think Niko wins this easily and pretty early. He is one of my favorite bets and plays of the night.

Projected Ownership:

Price: 32%

Oliveira: 16%

DFS Thoughts: Read above. I think Niko has a good chance to end this one in the first round.

Kevin Holland (Striker) vs. Kyle Daukaus (Striker/Grappler)

Many people will think Daukaus will be able to do what Vettori and Brunson did to Holland, but that won’t be the case here. Daukaus is nowhere near as good a wrestler as those men. Holland keeps this on the feet and wins.

Projected Ownership:

Holland: 27%

Daukaus: 30%

DFS Thoughts: I like my man Holland in this one. This could be a grind of a fight, so may only have a few lineups with him in it.

Thiago Santos (Striker/Grappler) vs. Johnny Walker (Striker)

The first round of this fight will tell a lot! Walker is going to put it all out there early and he wants the early finish. Santos will do the same, but I think his gas tank may be a bit better and he should be able to win the late rounds if it goes there. 

Projected Ownership:

Santos: 45%

Walker: 36%

DFS Thoughts: My gut tells me that Santos is going to win this, but you just never know with Johnny. Don’t be surprised if we see an upset here.


Holland -175

Price -185

Hernandez -650

Mullarkey +125

Egger -140

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