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Dshell’s MMA Main Event 11.5.2022

MMA is a sport based on opportunity and split second decision making. The breakdowns that we try to focus on here will be looking at stylistic differences between fighters and how they will impact the card. Although the breakdowns won't usually be long, they'll have info on fighter strengths and weaknesses and how we expect them to be exploited. Towards the end of the article there will be the five best bets on the slate for you to tail!

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Ramona Pascual (Striker) vs Tamires Vidal (Striker)

Both of these girls stink. Pascual isn’t very impressive and she isn’t very athletic. Vidal also stinks. LOL. Who knows

Jake Hadley (Striker) vs Carlos Candelario (Striker)

Candelario is going to control this fight. Hadley may pull out a sub out of his ass. I think this one will be more on the mat than standing.

Johnny Munoz Jr. (Grappler) vs Ludwig Sholinyan (Striker) 

I like Ludwig! He loves to walk you down and pressure you nonstop. I love those sort of fighters. Give me the dog!!

Sholinyan +200

Jinh Yu Frey (Striker) vs Polyana Viana (Grappler)

Frey should always be winning these fights. The problem is that she just doesn’t do anything in the cage. I don’t know what it is.

Mario Bautista (Striker/Grappler) vs Benito Lopez (Striker)

This fight is super fun! Should be a wild fight the whole time. Just enjoy this one 🙂

Miranda Maverick (Well Rounded) vs Shanna Young (Striker)

Ya…. not close here. Maverick is going to destroy her.

Darrick Minner (Grappler) vs Yilan Sha (Striker/Grappler)

Another fight that should be an absolute banger! I like Minner to win this one if it ends early and Sha to win later in the fight. So I’ll take the dog.

Minner +185

Mark O. Madsen (Wrestler) vs Grant Dawson (Wrestler)

I think Madsen may be the better wrestler than Dawson, but there is more to MMA than just wrestling. Dawson is better in the other areas of the fight. With that being said, a fellow discord member told me to pick him, so I will.

Madsen +180

Tagir Ulanbekov (Grappler) vs Nathan Maness (Striker)

Maness has to use his reach if he is going to want to win this. He needs to keep Tagir away from him with kicks and jabs. If he doesn’t, it’s going to be a long night.

Josh Parisian (Striker) vs Chase Sherman (Striker)

Ahh whenever you see Sherman on the card, you know it’s gonna be a mess. This fight will be a mess. I think Parisian needs to mix in some wrestling for this to go his way. He doesn’t want to stand with Chase the whole time.

Neil Magny (Striker/Grappler) vs Daniel Rodriguez (Striker)

Best fight on the card and it’s not close. We saw Drod take a questionable win against Li in his last fight. He has to go through the Gatekeeper, that is Magny. I love Drob here. I don’t know what it is about him in this spot, but I love him.

Rodriguez +100

Marina Rodriguez (Striker) vs Amanda Lemos (Striker)

Pretty good fight here too. I really like Rodriguez. She has great cardio and fights very well from range. Lemos hits really hard, but Rodriguez has a great chin and I think she can handle the attack from Lemos. I hope we get to see these women go to war!

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