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Dshell’s MMA Main Event 2.25

MMA is a sport based on opportunity and split second decision making. The breakdowns that we try to focus on here will be looking at stylistic differences between fighters and how they will impact the card. Although the breakdowns won't usually be long, they'll have info on fighter strengths and weaknesses and how we expect them to be exploited. Towards the end of the article there will be the five best bets on the slate for you to tail!

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Rafael Alves (Striker) vs Nurullo Aliev (Grappler)

I really like Alves here. He is an up and comer who is very dangerous. He is dangerous for whoever he fights. I like the dog to start the night.

Alves +160

Joseph Solecki (Grappler) vs Carl Deaton III (Grappler)

Poor Deaton. Shouldn’t be close.

Ode Osbourne (Striker) vs Charles Johnson (Striker)

Ode came in with such high expectations and he just hasn't lived up to them. I like Charles here. He is durable and will keep the pressure on until Ode breaks.

Johnson -175

Jordan Leavitt (Grappler) vs Victor Martinez (Striker)

Jordan was causing problems for Paddy until Paddy clowned him. Jordan is pretty hard to fight against. He is awkward and fighters have a tough time figuring him out.

Leavitt -130

Jasmine Jasudavicius (Grappler) vs Gabriella Fernandes (Striker)

Fernandes needs to keep this one standing. Her ground game is nonexistent. Jasmine wants to get this to the ground and use her ground and pound to win this one.

Erick Gonzalez (Striker) vs Trevor Peek (Striker)

Peek is going to hit Erick very hard and KO. #analysis

Mike Malott (Striker/Wrestler) vs Yohan Lainesse (Striker/Grappler)

Interesting one here. Malott doesn’t have the best chin. Yohan gasses very easily. It’s going to be interesting to see which one happens first.

Tatiana Suarez (Well Rounded) vs Montana De La Rosa (Grappler)

The only worry I have for Suarez is ring rust. I think she should win this easily, but I am not betting on her.

Augusto Sakai (Striker) vs Dontale Mayes (Striker)

Two bad heavyweight fighters on the main card. A story as old as time. Who knows here. One guy is going to sleep.

Andre Muniz (Grappler) vs Brendan Allen (Well Rounded)

I like Muniz a lot. He is going to be a big problem for a lot of the middleweights. Allen should NOT want to try and go to the ground here. Give me the favorite.

Muniz -220

Nikita Krylov (Striker) vs Ryan Spann (Striker/Grappler)

I’ll keep this one short. I hate Spann. LOL. I bet against him every fight and it has not been working out for me. This is the fight it changes. TRUST.

Krylov -175

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