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Dshell’s MMA Main Event 7.1.2023

MMA is a sport based on opportunity and split second decision making. The breakdowns that we try to focus on here will be looking at stylistic differences between fighters and how they will impact the card. Although the breakdowns won't usually be long, they'll have info on fighter strengths and weaknesses and how we expect them to be exploited. Towards the end of the article there will be the five best bets on the slate for you to tail!

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Alexander Romanov (Striker/Wrestler) vs Blagoy Ivanov (Striker)

What the hell happened to Romanov? Man has gone downhill so much. No way he loses to Ivanov, right…..

Romanov -140

Ivana Siric (Striker/Grappler) vs Luana Carolina (Striker)

Classic striker vs. grappler fight here. Carolina has a pretty good takedown defense. If she can keep this one up, I think she has a good chance to win.

Carolina +175

Guram Kutateladze (Striker) vs Elves Brenner (Striker/Grappler)

Guram had brutal competition in his first two UFC fights. He finally gets a major step down in competition and I think he is going to show it’s a mismatch. 

Yana Kunitskaya (Striker) vs Karol Rosa (Striker)

Remember when Yana fought for the title? Oh what a world we lived in. Well she stays losing here too.

Rosa -170

Joanderson Brito (Striker/Grappler) vs Westin Wilson (Striker)

Wilson should not be in the UFC. This one should be ugly….

Kevin Lee (Striker/Wrestler) vs Rinat Fakhretdinov (Wrestler)

This one will be interesting. We’ll see how it plays out. I hope Kevin wins and is back.

Brunno Ferreira (Striker) vs Nursultan Ruziboev (Striker/Grappler)

Bruno is a skilled boxer and I like his chances here. How did Nursultan get a main card fight? Geez.

Benoit Saint-Denis (Grappler) vs Ismael Bonfim (Striker)

I really like Bonfim and I really like this fight. I think it’ll be super close. I think I’d give it to Bonfim because his striking is so wild and elite.

Ariane Lipski (Striker) vs Melissa Gatto (Grappler)

Lipski is always so close to being cut and then shows us a great performance. I think this is the one that gets her cut. Gatto is too skilled in the grappling department and won’t let Lipski make this a war.

Max Griffin (Striker/Wrestler) vs Michael Morales (Striker)

This is a tough one for Max. I think Morales will be able to match him with his length and skill. It’ll be a fun one!

Damir Ismagulov (Striker/Grappler) vs Grant Dawson (Wrestler)

Dawson gotta be the least fun fighter in the UFC. His grind them out style is just boring. I hope Damir wins it, so I’ll give it to him.

Ismagulov -115

Sean Strickland (Striker/Grappler) vs Abusupiyan Magomedov (Striker)

Sean says some really dumb shit, don’t he? There is a large difference in experience in this one. Sean has a ton more experience vs the top level guys. I think he is going to use that to his advantage today.

Strickland -155

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