PayDirt is built on statistics and models that everyone can use, and these research sheets are no different! The MLB Research tables are built to give you insight into unique metrics and stats to help your decision making process. For the most part, the stats that you find here will be different than places like Fangraphs or Baseballsavant. These tables contain the same baseline sets of data used in the powerful MLB Range of Outcomes models. If you have any questions, feel free to join the discord or reach out on twitter!

Hitters against RHP

Hitters against LHP

MLB Stats Legend

  • Pitcher xHR Stats
    1. HR: Home runs allowed
    2. Flyballs: Flyballs given up
    3. HR/FB: Home run per fly ball
    4. xHRs: Expected home runs based on regressed baselines
    5. xHR-HRs: Difference between the expected home runs and actual home runs a pitcher has allowed
    6. HR/9: Home runs per nine innings
    7. xHR/9: Expected home runs per nine innings based on regressed baselines
  • Pitcher 2-Strike%
    1. TBF: Total batters faced
    2. AVG: Batting average allowed
    3. OBP: On-base percentage
    4. SLG: Slugging percentage
    5. wOBA: Weighted on base average
    6. 2K%: percentage of at bats where the pitcher reached a “pitcher's count” and had two strikeouts and less than three balls
  • Hitter xHR and xStats
    1. xBA: Expected batting average
    2. xSLG: Expected slugging percentage
    3. xHRs (RHP and LHP): Expected home runs by a player against that handedness
    4. Total xHR: Total expected home runs by a player
  • Hitter Outcome% & FPPA
    1. 1B/PA: Percentile chance at a single in a plate appearance
    2. 2B/PA: Percentile chance at a double in a plate appearance
    3. walk/PA: Percentile chance at a walk in a plate appearance
    4. xHR/PA: Percentile chance at a home run in a plate appearance based on expected home run numbers
    5. SB/PA: Percentile chance at a stolen base in a plate appearance
    6. Fantasy Points/PA: median fantasy points per plate appearance