MLB Range of Outcomes Model

The MLB Range of Outcomes model is created in a way that allows you to look at a DFS slate from a number of ways. The range from more shallow to extremely in depth depending on preference. That said, they include median projections, percentiles probabilities, rankings, and ownership projections for the major DFS sites. To help clarify, you'll notice the structure is very similar to the NFL Range of Outcomes model. The focus begins with the macro (stacks and teams) and flows to the micro (player projections).

  • Scoring Percentages show a breakdown of what to expect from every team on the slate. These are based on powerful game level simulations, and give you an idea of who has the most upside. They include probabilities on chance to score eight or more runs, as well as who has the best chance at being the top scoring team.
  • The Pitcher Range of Outcomes allows you to see the real probabilities behind scoring thresholds for pitchers. These powerful simulation based results give you a better idea of what to expect. You can see who is most likely to get blown up, who has the most upside, and who scores the best in the simulations most often.
  • Hitter projections (similar to what you find on sites like Rotogrinders) and rankings show priority hitters for your stacks.


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