Paydirt Air Yards Search Tool

The Air Yards Search is a free NFL tool here at Paydirt that allows you to look over a multitude of receiving based statistics over the course of the current season and includes both player and team based metrics. This application was built specifically around the Air Yards stat, which was developed by Josh Hermsmeyer.

  • The Single Player tab lets you choose a player and look at their gamelog table along with a sortable graph for visual learners
  • The Player Comp allows you to choose multiple players and compare them against each other based on all the receiving metrics provided (also sortable)
  • The Metric Comp lets users look at up to three players against each other based on an individual metric chosen
  • The Team Comp tab lets you choose a team and see how all players on the team compare against each other based on a chosen metric, great for identifying roles for receivers

This is a vital tool for making informed decisions at the player level and deducing their roles and value on each team!