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NFL DFS Divisional Round Thoughts and Notes

This is a really, really tough slate to build from when you think through each team from a DFS construction standpoint. I'm going to try to flesh out some thoughts on the important pieces of the slate from each team's perspective going position by position. That said, there are a lot of ways to approach a slate with so many good teams and I don't think you should confine yourself to simply “The best options”.


  • This is a mostly wide open slate for QB with the only low priority options being Ryan Tannehill and Jimmy Garoppolo who are both low upside
  • I do think that Burrow and Stafford likely go underowned here based on their upside and the offenses around them
  • Mahomes and Allen are sure to be chalk, but it's an obvious blow up spot and there's nothing wrong with utilizing them
  • Brady, I think, is a really interesting situation since he has the most affordable combination of player for a stack and uses a TE as his primary but it prevent you from utilizing Fournette who is one of the best values on the slate (assuming he plays, I'll talk about that in a sec)
  • I have no real lean towards who to stack outside of mostly wanting to avoid Tannehill and Garoppolo

Running Back

  • Running back is the hardest thing to get through on this slate because you have a couple situations that are high prio, a couple that are low, and a bunch that are fuckin toss ups
  • Derrick Henry is an obvious priority play, but there's questions around his efficiency in his first game back with a steel plate in his foot
  • The other majority priority is Leonard Fournette, who has his own question marks about his availability and health coming off of IR but has a much less debilitating injury to recover from for a running back
  • However, the Fournette situation is easy since he's the most expensive in that backfield so you can just drop down to Vaughn if he ends up being ruled out after lock
  • After those two, we have the other priority backs of Eli Mitchell, Cam Akers, and Joe Mixon who all demand a large share of the backfield but each come with an issue of gamescript possibly falling out of their favor
  • Finally we have the low prio situations of Singletary, the Packers backfield, and the Chiefs backfield, which is a committee with everyone healthy and makes them all an afterthought
  • Here's the thing: I think it makes it hard to stack the Bucs because of the priority on Fournette and Akers, which makes for a cheap RB pairing in DFS, but that makes it so you almost have to use a pairing of Henry and Mitchell since they are the only good RBs left to choose from
  • It makes it so the first decision you make is what to do with Fournette, since it'll either lead to a Fournette/Akers/Mitchell/Henry combo or it'll make the deicision very easy in Henry/Mitchell and moving on

Wide Receiver/Tight End

  • Wide Receiver is a lot less difficult than RB since you are mostly just going with whoever you can stack with your QB of choice
  • I do think that taking a shot on Julio Jones at a hilariously low pricetag makes sense, and the other value that needs to be on your radar is Allen Lazard
  • Outside of those two, it gets kind of bad in the lower ranges
  • I prefer Cooper Kupp over Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill, but any of those three guys is a fine option and I won't fight you on it
  • I love Odell Beckham Jr. if you are fading Cooper Kupp, but I don't like them together
  • Tee Higgins and Ja'Marr Chase should come in very low owned if you need to get different and I prefer Tee Higgins over Chase if you go that route with just one of them
  • Mostly, just stack, my dude.


This is a really tough slate to build and you have to make some uncomfortable decisions to make things work. I think fading the Chiefs/Bills passing game is the route that I prefer since there are multiple capable QBs and stacks to choose from, but nobody is doubting the upside of that spot either. The RB situation will form how you build and my lean is going to be on taking Derrick Henry and Eli Mitchell since it'll give me access to a lot of touches and allow for upside at other positions. Whatever route you take, I hope it wins you a million bucks. GL!

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