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NFL DFS Week 6: Thoughts and Notes

Washington vs. Chiefs

Best Plays: Travis Kelce, Antonio Gibson, Terry McLaurin
Best Fades:

General Thoughts: It's the Chiefs, there's really not a lot to say about that. No CEH means that Darrell Williams gets starting RB responsibilities at a good price. Stacking this game is difficult because of the exceptional pricetags on the Chiefs, so you are almost forced to use a WAS stack with Kelce as a bring back unless you go with a super cheap RB combo to make the Chiefs stack with Mahomes work.

If you are fading this game, using Antonio Gibson makes a lot of sense as direct leverage and is a path I would like to prioritize if I can. The stack is awesome if you can afford it though, so go that route first if possible.

Preferred stack

Giants vs. Rams

Best Plays: Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford, Darrell Henderson
Best Fades:

General Thoughts: The Giants are still dealing with a lot of injuries but get Sterling Shepard back. We should expect Daniel Jones to run a bit more than normal here with no Barkley making him more intriguing for DFS. Sterling Shepard should have a massive role here as well. All that said, the Rams are likely the better side to stack since they are not going to be a popular full stack and will leverage Darrell Henderson well since he's chalk.

If you are not into the stack, Darrell Henderson makes for a fine GPP option at RB even at elevated ownership. Devonte Booker, however, should be not in consideration based on his range of outcomes.

Preferred stack

Ravens vs. Chargers

Best Plays: Lamar Jackson, Keenan Allen, Justin Herbert
Best Fades:

General Thoughts: One of the best spots to stack on the entire slate. Jackson has been phenomenal this year, as has Herbert, and both teams should show up here. Difficulty is which side to stack and the pricing involved. I'm partial to the Lamar Jackson side with one of or both of Marquise Brown/Mark Andrews with a Keenan Allen comeback from the Chargers but if you go with Herbert/Allen/Williams and a Marquise Brown comeback I won't yell at you.

Austin Ekeler is too expensive to really be in consideration on a slate like this that lacks receiving value. I will without a doubt have a stack of this game one way or another.

Preferred stack

Patriots vs. Cowboys

Best Plays: Jakobi Meyers, Ezekiel Elliot
Best Fades:

General Thoughts: Jakobi Meyers week is here after people made the mistake of thinking it was last week. Outside of him though, this game is likely to be less exciting than people want it to be. Over the last four weeks DAL is bottom 3 in adjusted pass rate and bottom 3 in pass rate in the redzone which hurts their upside as a stack, and the Patriots are one of the lowest ceiling teams in the league. Take the under on the game total and focus on secondary stacks in DFS.

The best secondary stack is probably Jakobi/Zeke though you could talk me into Jakobi/Shultz or Jakobi/Ceedee depending on what your lineup needs. But like, yeah, it's Jakobi szn.

No preferred stack.

Browns vs. Cardinals

Best Plays: D'Ernest Johnson
Best Fades: Kareem Hunt

General Thoughts: I am…. not high on this game. And I think the Kareem Hunt chalk is pretty bad. Regarding the game itself, the Browns want to be a running team that doesn't have to pass a lot, so they'll limit the passing if they can. The Cardinals will be missing the majority of their offensive staff and have a defensive minded HC calling plays. It all just kind of sets up for a lame game with a lot of running and not so much explosiveness.

Now, Kareem Hunt. He's projected to be 40% owned in DFS with multiple injuries behind an injured offensive line with a Thursday game coming up. The coaching staff has said they are going to take it easy on him and that he's on a pitch count. That doesn't sound like someone I want in my lineups even if he projects okay. I much prefer D'Ernest Johnson in GPPs based on price and upside, but I'm fine with just fading the situation entirely as well.

I don't really have a lot of interest in this game overall. Full fade unless you are playing Cash (Kareem Hunt) or if you are leveraging the field with D'Ernest Johnson.

No preferred stack.

Panthers vs. Vikings

Best Plays: Chuba Hubbard, Robby Anderson, Justin Jefferson
Best Fades:

General Thoughts: Really interesting line movement here, as the vikings opened as underdogs and were bet forward to 2.5 point favorites. Dalvin Cook is back and with no injury designation, so that bodes well for them. CMC is on IR now, so we get a continued dose of Chuba Hubbard who has had a very nice workload in his absence. Robby Anderson has been getting a massive workload with no results, so it feels like this is the week that the results show.

Stacking is kind of weird here. I prefer the Panthers side, probably, with Darnold/Anderson as a core and Justin Jefferson as a comeback. Pairing with DJ Moore is fine there too. The more likely thing for me here is to go with a Anderson/Jefferson secondary stack and just stack another game with a higher total.

I'm also really into a low owned Chuba Hubbard if I don't have that secondary stack. A lot of things that we like in this one.

Preferred stack

Lions vs. Bengals

Best Plays: Ja'Marr Chase, Joe Mixon
Best Fades:

General Thoughts: Hearing quite a bit of chatter about this game but it's not involving Joe Mixon which is weird to me. His direct backup is out and we can assume he gets the majority of the work against a bad team, so? We should be on that. Outside of him I think this game will likely be boring. Neither team wants to push the other one in pace and the Bengals, while being a high upside team, won't actually push the gas unless they have to. And I don't think the Lions can do that.

I don't mind Ja'Marr Chase, and I don't mind TJ Hockenson, but outside of them the passing game has no interest for me. I prefer to just use Joe Mixon where I can and probably fade the rest here.

No preferred stack.

Broncos vs. Raiders

Best Plays: Courtland Sutton, Darren Waller
Best Fades:

General Thoughts: The Raiders should be favored in this game based on their passing efficiency over the Broncos, so it's weird to see a line set at -5 for the Broncos. So bet the Raiders straight up. For the culture.

For DFS, it's just all about Courtland Sutton in this game. the Industry continues to underproject an elite WR with all the work on this team. For the Raiders it's still all about Darren Waller, and they do have a pretty high adjusted pass rate over the last four weeks although it has dropped around 9% from the beginning of the season. Though the Raiders didn't look good last week, they have a chance here to put up some points. The only worry is that since Josh Jacobs returned, they've been fucking terrible, because they just keep forcing him into the offense.

Also! The Jon Gruden thing. So who knows how that plays out.

I don't hate a secondary correlation of Sutton/Waller but I think there's enough weird shit happening here that I'm happy to fade the rest. If I don't, it'll be a Bridgewater/Sutton/Patrick/Waller stack.

Preferred Stack

Colts vs. Texans

Best Plays: Jonathan Taylor
Best Fades:

General Thoughts: Hey look two awful teams! I want nothing to do with this. Even Jonathan Taylor, who should be a good play, could end up being awful because the Colts are deadset on getting Marlon Mack involved. Just a whole lot of nope going on here.

No preferred stack.

Bears vs. Packers

Best Plays: Davante Adams
Best Fades: Kahlil Herbert

General Thoughts: Davante Adams. Maybe Aaron Jones. That's pretty much it. No other thoughts.

Kahlil Herbert is likely to be a bit popular, but as a home dog of a touchdown on a team that doesn't have a lot of offensive efficiency he makes for an obvious fade in GPPs.

No preferred stack.

Cash Core:

  • Kareem Hunt
  • Kahlil Herbert
  • Darrell Henderson Jr.
  • Ricky Seals-Jones
  • Davante Adams

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