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Pitcher Notes for 5.5.2022

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Taijuan Walker
Old man with declining strikeout numbers and some obvious luck in BABIP, LOB, and home run rates but it's just seven innings so there's likely not a lot to glean from that.

Aaron Nola
All the underlying metrics here are terrific and he's been unlucky in terms of HR rate so we can expect some ceiling games coming down the pipeline.

Chris Archer
A 13.6% walk rate is like, really bad and a 95% LOB rate is like, really unsustainable and I'm like, really worried about Archer because of it and like, yeah.

Spenser Watkins
Currently has a strikeout rate the same as his walk rate which is the same as if you have the same girth as you do length.

Tarik Skubal
Strikeout numbers have tamed a bit in regards to past years but it looks like he's selling out for better groundball rates (51%, career high) and that's a tradeoff I'll take every time. Likewise the LOB rate at 52% and 338 BABIP should normalize and make him look even better.

Jose Urquidy
So, I'm not sure it's fair to say that Urquidy is bad, but I definitely don't think he's good? 30% groundball rate on a PTC (Pitch to contact) guy is always scary but he mitigates baserunners and has a good team behind him for win equity and yeah idk he's just boring.

Shane McClanahanahanahana
Kid is fucking nails, bro. Like premium, high quality, industrial nails.

Robbie Ray
And here, boys and girls, is an example of what happens when you lose a full 2mph on all your pitches and condense your entire pitch mix to just a fastball/slider combo instead of the four pitches you used in your most successful year which, hey,. Robbie, what the fuck are you doing? lol

Jesus Luzardo
Luzardo is the same kind of nails as McClanahananananana but with a way cooler and more exotic name. Like the difference between an American manufacturer like Ford and a cooler, more sexy manufacturer like Alfa Romero.

Nick Martinez
I think that this is just Chris Archer but with a different hat on? Same metrics, same worry, different hat.

Miles Mikolas
He's been super duper lucky in all accounts but has also been good with underlying metrics, so will he continue to be ace lite? No, but he also shouldn't be someone to attack frequently either.

Mauricio Llovera

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