The MLB Range of Outcomes model allows you to look at a DFS slate from shallow to more in depth. They include projections, percentiles probabilities, rankings, and ownership projections.

This free version of the model will house the secondary slates for the sites. It includes everything the main models do but will only be available on 2-3 game slates! So, if you love what you see here, grab a subscription for access to the main slate and betting tools!

  • Scoring Percentages show a breakdown of what to expect from every team on the slate based on powerful game level simulations. They show who has the most upside to score eight or more runs, who has the best chance at being the top scoring team, ownership projections, and intuitively leverage scores to show you where you should focus to beat the field.
  • After that, Pitcher Range of Outcomes allows you to see the real probabilities behind scoring thresholds for pitchers. This lets you see who is most likely to get blown up and who has the most upside! Likewise, you can see who scores the best in the simulations most often.
  • Lastly, Hitter projections and rankings give you a good idea of where to prioritize in your stacks for the day.

There's a multitude of layers to the Sheets, so make sure you hop in the discord for any questions and to talk through each slate!

Secondary Slate (If needed)