Theory of DFS: Advanced Players – Change Log

This page is a rolling changelog for the Theory of DFS: Advanced Players edition. the purpose of this page is to allow users to view changes made to the tools included with the course. If you don't have the course and want to become a better DFS player, buy it here:

Tool update and upgrades 11-17-2022

  • Multiple additions and changes made to the Portfolio Trimmer
  • Added two new tabs: “Export Portfolio” and “Acronyms”
  • Export Portfolio tab takes the trimmed set of lineups and creates an export file based on the import nomenclature for ease of use
  • Acronyms tab contains “right” and “wrong” names to correct for various naming convention differences across projections sources and sites
  • Users can now add in different naming convention issues to be corrected in their own file which helps alleviate a lot of issues in lookup formulas
  • Likewise, logic in the Portfolio Math tab has been updated to account for the new Acronyms tab
  • Similar changes being introduced to other portfolio Management tools in the near future

Tools update and upgrades 10-27-2022

  • Fixed a bug in the Duplication predictor that was incorrectly parsing captain ownership for a threshold

Tools update and upgrades 9-28-2022

  • Fixed a bug in the Portfolio Trimmer that didn't allow for regular slate smart trim on Key Player
  • Known bug on exposure compile, will be fixed ASAP

Tools update and upgrades 9-24-2022

  • Added “Key Player” functionality to Portfolio Trimmer and Duplication predictor
  • Allows user to set a key player for all trimming and set thresholds which only trims lineups that contain said player
  • Also added portfolio exposure views for easy of use
  • QOL updates for all portfolio management tools including naming conventions, math updates, formatting continuity, and bug fixes

Tools update 9-15-2022

  • Portfolio Trimmer “Insert Projections” tab has been reformatted to correctly accept Lineup HQ exports
  • All portfolio management tools have been updated to accept projections systems that use the “CPTN” acronym

Tools update 9-12-2022

  • Corrected a bug that was affecting portfolios over 2,000 lineups in some of the tools
  • Added a “Projection” tab in the Duplication Predictor
  • Added a “Trim to Threshold” button in the Duplication Predictor that allows users to trim their portfolio to all lineups under the threshold
  • Confirmed limited functionality for tools used on Macbooks due to a difference in base VBA functionality and framework

Hotfix for 9-11-2022

  • Corrected a bug in the ownership designation for “Regular” formats in the duplication predictor
  • Corrected a but in the ownership designation for “Showdown” formats in the portfolio trimmer

Hotfix for 9-8-2022

  • Updated logic for Duplication Predictor in terms of captain ownership

Hotfix for 9-7-2022:

  • Thanks to a support ticket found a bug that affected single entry duplication checks in the Duplication Checker tool
  • Tool has been adjusted and reloaded to the course for download

Updates on 9-7-2022: “Why is Fanduel the way they are”

  • Added functionality for Fanduel showdown in the portfolio management tools
  • fixed an issue in the Lineup Simulations tool that wasn't correctly handling Draftkings showdown projections
  • Added a toggle on the “Insert Lineup” tabs that users need to use to choose between DK showdown, FD showdown, or regular contest formatting

Some more FAQs noted in the email:

  • There may be an issue with functionality for Mac users because of a difference in how VBA works on different operating systems
  • As a reiteration of the copy and paste for projections into the files, the column orientation is what matters, not the names or how many columns there are in specific downloads
  • If you have a support ticket, it's best to explain the issue and send along the file with the issues for debugging

Updates on 9-4-2022: “The showdown updates”

  • Updated all portfolio management tools with Draftkings showdown functionality
  • Added ability to view either the export version of lineups or just the names of the players in portfolio management tools
  • General bug fixing and such

Talked through a couple of FAQs as well:

  • Tools will have severely reduced functionality on version of Excel older than 2021
  • Your computer may block or disable macros on download, here is an article on a remedy:
  • Naming conventions (and duplicate names) will cause issues in the tools because of lookup referencing
  • All columns in the insertion tabs must be maintained for functionality to hold