DFS Coaching Opportunities with Paydirt

Learn from proven coaches with real success

1 on 1 Coaching with a proven DFS coaches to fine tune your process, learn the PayDirt tools and become a better DFS player. Coaching sessions can be on anything from basic DFS process and mechanics to advanced topics and game theory. Sessions are $50 an hour and will leave you with the knowledge and confidence you need to build success.

Custom tailored coaching sessions

Create a process

Learn about how to create a winning process first hand over screen share, take a look at your own process and figure out how to improve.

Ask your own questions

Discords and social media can get a bit crowded, I hear you. Private 1 on 1 sessions where all of your questions are heard and answered.

Build good lineups

What makes a lineup good? How can you tell? Learn beginner and advanced level DFS game theory and up your game!

Put the pieces together

With so many great tools at your disposal on PayDirt, it can be overwhelming. Learn which ones fit your process best.

Real people, real testimonials

“Big thanks to David Hess for the coaching session! Learned a lot and put a lot of pieces that I've been receiving in the discord together.”


“I have been taking PayDirt DFS coaching lessons with David Hess for a few months and have been extremely pleased with what I'm learning: His process, attention to detail and overall logic of his methodologies.”


Our Coaches

David Hess

Beginner – Intermediate Sessions

David Hess is an industry veteran with a proven process as a profitable player. He has had success not only as a player, but as a content creator and business owner. His focus on proven process and exploitative play gives consistent returns.

James McCool

Intermediate – Advanced Sessions

James McCool is the co-author of the Theory of DFS and is an expert on game theory and predictive modeling. His background spans over a decade of providing content and consultation for the biggest sites in the industry.